What is the Fair4All Card?

What is the Fair4All Card?

What is the Fair4All Card?

The Fair4All Card is a secure photo card only for disabled people. It has your name and photo, amongst other things, to prove that it is being used by the right person.

BuDS issues the Fair4All Card only to disabled people, who are legally entitled to reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010 or exemptions from Covid regulations. We do this by asking for evidence of disability.

The Card is designed to be simple and easy to recognise and read. For this reason, you can use the Card anywhere! Many shops, services and organisations are starting to recognise the Fair4All Card. This means that we give them formal accessibility training, however this does not mean that the card can only be used in those locations. We have had successes with cards being used all over the country, and even internationally!

Reasonable Adjustments and Exemptions

Reasonable adjustments include needing flat access, needing to lip-read, needing a carer with you, having access to a disabled toilet, etc.

Exemptions from Covid regulations include not being able to wear a face covering (being legally exempt), not being able to queue, difficulties with social distancing, etc.

The Fair4All Card helps disabled people get the reasonable adjustments and exemptions they need. It does this by helping disabled people prove that they are entitled to them. It also helps shops, services and organisations understand what disabled people need and are entitled to. Most importantly, it gives disabled people the ability to explain what assistance they need.

Widely Recognised

BuDS works with supermarkets, stores, services, and organisation across the UK to help them recognise the Fair4All Card and be able to properly support disabled people.

Places that recognise the Fair4All Card will have a window sticker or poster, and they are also listed on this website.

Applying for the Fair4All Card

You can apply online through this website (or by phone if this is not possible).

BuDS does not charge for the Fair4All Card, but we do ask for a £5 administration fee to cover the cost of producing the card. However, if you have difficulties paying the fee, we will always see how we can help you. We do not want payment to be a barrier to anyone having the Fair4All Card.

We do not ask for payment until you have been approved for the Fair4All Card, so please wait until we ask you before paying.

You can click this button to take you directly to the application page: