What is the Fair4All Card Scheme?

What is the Fair4All Card Scheme?

What is the Fair4All Card?

The Fair4All Card helps disabled people communicate the reasonable adjustments and exemptions that they are legally entitled to. This helps both the disabled person and the people working in the shop, service or organisation.

The Fair4All Card is evidence based which means that as part of the application process, we ask for evidence from our applicants. We therefore only issue the Fair4All Card to disabled people who are legally entitled to reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010 or exemptions from Covid regulations.

However, we know that finding evidence can be difficult, so we explain the process to each applicant and tell them what we need from them.

Front of a Fair4All Card

What is on the Front of a Fair4All Card?

On the front of the Fair4All Card is a photo of the card holder.

This helps our Fair4All Card Partners know who the card is for, and it helps reduce the risk of people abusing the card.

We also have a statement that explain that the card holder is legally entitled to reasonable adjustments and exemptions.

What is on the Back of a Fair4All Card?

On the back is a list of reasonable adjustments and exemptions that are specific to the cardholder.

The Fair4All Card team works closely with each applicant to make sure the card lists all of the reasonable adjustments they are entitled to.

What are Fair4All Card Partners?

Our Fair4All Card Partners and Recognisers are shops, services and organisations who have either completed our training or have told us that they will accept Fair4All Cards. These places are listed on our website and they have a window sticker or poster (shown to the left).

However, the Fair4All Card can be used anywhere because it lists ways others can help disabled people. There are no complicated symbols or abbreviations and it also doesn’t list any disabilities or conditions.

Who Can Apply for a Fair4All Card?

Any disabled person can apply for a card for themselves.

Alternatively, if you are a parent of a disabled child, or you care for a disabled person, you can also apply for a Fair4All Card on their behalf.