Resources for Card Partners

Resources for Card Partners

Training Resources

This is the training presentation designed to explain the scheme to staff members.

Please note that we are currently working to update this presentation. For staff that have already been trained, we will be creating a booster training pack to ensure you do not have to fully re-train.

Posters and Leaflets

As a Fair4All Card Partner, you will be given copies of these posters and leaflets as part of your welcome to the scheme. However, you are also able to download copies of these resources here.

This is a poster that advertises the fact that you are a Partner of the Fair4All Card Scheme.

This is a leaflet that advertises the Fair4All Card Scheme to your customers.

This is a poster that you can use that shows customers where they can ask about the Fair4All Card.

Window Stickers

We offer window stickers in A6 and A4. When you sign up for the Fair4All Card Scheme, we will check with your shop, service or organisation which size you would like.

The window stickers can be seen here:

Sample Partner+ Agreement