Resources for Fair4All Card Partners

Proud partners of the Fair4All scheme

Resources for Fair4All Card Partners

We have a number of resources available for our Fair4All Card Partners.

The first resource available is the training presentation. This will explain how the Fair4All Card works, as well as explaining some of the likely statements that you will see as a Fair4All Card Partner.

This training presentation can be accessed here:

We also have a variety of posters, flyers and window stickers. You will be provided with physical copies of these when you join the Fair4All Card Scheme, however you can access digital versions here too.

We have posters to advertise that you are a Fair4All Card Partner.

We have flyers to advertise the Fair4All Card Scheme to your customers.

Finally, we have window stickers in A6 and A4 that you can use to easily show customers that you accept the Fair4All Card in your business.

All of these resources, as well as more information about the Fair4All Card Scheme can be found on our Partners page: