What is a Fair4All Card Partner+?

What is a Fair4All Card Partner+?

Information for Partner+

A Fair4All Card Partner+ is an organisation or service which recognises the value of the Fair4All Card, works with disabled people, and would like to support them to apply for a Fair4All Card. Typically, Fair4All Card Partner+ are disability support, health, or care providers.

Examples of Fair4All Card Partner+ include a care and advocacy service which would like its service users to be more independent, or a NHS community prescriber looking to reduce their patients social isolation, among others.

There is no charge or fee to become a Fair4All Card Partner+.

Find out more about the role of a Fair4All Card Partner+ below.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch via fair4allcard@buds.org.uk

Proud Fair4All Card Scheme Partner+

How to Become a Fair4All Card Partner+

Register your interest in joining the Fair4All Card Scheme as a Partner+.

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More about being a Fair4All Card Partner+

Find out more about Partner+ and how it could benefit your organisation and its members or service users.

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How do clients, service users, or patients apply?

Applicants being referred to us through the Partner+ scheme can visit our applications page and use the Partner+ referral form.

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The Law Behind the Fair4All Card Scheme

Find out more about the Equality Act 2010, the rights of disabled people and your responsibilities as a shop, service or organisation.