Partner Expectations

Partner Expectations

What we expect of a Fair4All Card Partner

Because the Fair4All Card only lists adjustments and exemptions that disabled people are entitled to by law, recognising the Fair4All Card should not require a business, organisation or service to do anything new or exceptional.

Typically, a Fair4All Card Partner will do the following:

  • Train their staff to recognise the Card and understand what to do when it is presented to them. Free online training will be provided.
  • Display window stickers and other point of sale material so that disabled people know you are a partner. We will provide you with this material free of charge.
  • Work with us to improve and develop access and inclusivity for disabled customers if needed. Our staff and volunteers will do this constructively and discreetly, free of charge.

Feedback from New Fair4All Card Partners

We would appreciate it if new Fair4All Card Partners could also fill in our New Partner Feedback form. This feedback will help us improve the scheme and make it even easier for new locations to join the Fair4All Card Scheme.

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