Our Response to the Governments ‘Plan B’

Our Response to the Governments ‘Plan B’

Hi, I’m Freya, one of the Fair4All Card Scheme Coordinators. As you probably know, the Government announced on Wednesday 9th December that they were implementing ‘Plan B’ in response to the new Omicron variant. As a team of mainly disabled people, we know the worries that this might bring. I wanted to run through some ways that our Fair4All Card can help bring peace of mind and support you with the new guidance.

One of the main things our Card can do is prove that you are legally exempt from wearing a mask. As an evidence-based scheme, we assess your eligibility for mask exemption, giving you a card that cannot be disputed by retailers or other services. However, we are very aware that clinically vulnerable people may wish to wear masks, and unfortunately can be harassed for wearing a mask when others are not. We reflected on this, and created a statement saying that you are legally entitled to wear a mask. Personally, this statement is incredibly important to me, as it gives me more security when going to places where I might be pressured to remove my mask.

We have a number of statements relating to social distancing. Whether you’d prefer to remain socially distanced, or that you are unable to social distance, the Card can support your needs.

Another great thing the Fair4All Card Team can offer is a ‘Social Distance’ lanyard. This is a blue lanyard, with a card attached, reading ‘Please socially distance’ on one side, and ‘Please keep your distance I’m clinically vulnerable’ on the other. The Lanyard is a great way to signal to people from a distance that you wish to remain socially distanced, so you don’t have to get too close to others.

BuDS and the Fair4All Card Team is here to help with any queries and concerns you have about Covid-19 guidance, or general accessibility. Please message us on Facebook or Instagram, or email fair4allcard@buds.org.uk for any questions, or we can even put you in touch with someone for a friendly chat. To apply for a Fair4All Card, please visit https://fair4all.org.uk/apply-for-a-card/