Feedback From Our Applicants

Over the last few months, we’ve had some lovely feedback from our applicants, and with their permission, we wanted to share some of it with you. Remember, if you like what you see here, you can apply for your own Fair4All Card at Olivia* told us that she had used her Card at her […]

Behind the Scenes: Freya

“Hi all, I’m Freya and I’m one of the Project Coordinators for the Fair4All Card. My main role in the team is to manage the application process. This includes keeping forms up to date, emailing and responding to applicants, processing applications, and creating the cards themselves. There is no standard day for me, as every […]

A laptop underneath a monitor, both displaying web pages. A law textbook is placed next to the laptop.

Behind the Scenes: Evidence Checks

Continuing our behind-the-scenes posts, Andrew talks about his work as one of our evidence checkers. “I’m Andrew and I’m an evidence-checker on the Fair4All Card team. My role is to look at the evidence which people send in with their card application and see if it meets the legal tests for disability and reasonable adjustments. […]

Image of a laptop with colourful stickers on, displaying a webpage reading easy-read guide. Next to the laptop are a water bottle and a mug. The laptop site on a brown desk, below a floral notice board.

A Week in the Life: Cary

We thought it might be nice to give you a peek behind the curtain to see what happens behind the scenes in the Fair4All Card team. This week, Cary talks about their typical week. As a uni student, I’m balancing quite a lot. I have my lectures to go to, notes to make and assignments […]

Co-operative staff and BuDS volunteers hold the Partner banner

Co-operative stores join the Fair4All Card Scheme

More Co-operative stores around Aylesbury Vale join the Fair4All Card scheme to make shopping easier for disabled people   Gavin Pledge, Co-op Stores Regional Manager and staff from Co-op stores in Mandeville Road & Orwell Drive, Aylesbury, Fairford Leys and Stone joined BuDS staff and volunteers (Andrew Clark, Janneke Elford, Freya Clark & Chris Rowan) to mark the occasion.  

Adjustments for Learning Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health Conditions

Having received feedback from some of our cardholders, we’ve updated the adjustments we have on offer to people who have a learning disability, mental health condition or autism. Although these are the ones we’ve thought of, if you need something else, you can always add your own suggestions to your application form at We […]

A year of Fair4All. Lots of happy applicants and lots of new Card Partners too. Here's to another year.

Looking back at a year of Fair4All

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we first launched the Fair4All Card Scheme. You may be thinking “But I thought you launched in July?”, and you would be right. Much like the Queen, we have two birthdays! When we launched the scheme a year ago, we hadn’t anticipated the November lockdown […]