Meet the Fair4All Card Scheme Team

Meet the Fair4All Card Scheme Team

We have an amazing team of people working hard behind the scenes to make sure the Fair4All Card Scheme runs smoothly.

Meet the team and hear why the scheme matters to us.

Cary – Co-ordinator and Social Media Manager

Hi, I’m Cary – I’m a coordinator and with the rest of the team, I helped set up the Fair4All Card Scheme. I’ve been volunteering for BuDS for over 5 years, and I’ve just started at university.
My main role in the team is to create and maintain the content you see here on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I also run the website and keep it as up-to-date as possible.
As well as this, I also have a role in the applications team. I process a lot of the applications and I also handle a lot of the initial enquiries we get sent.
My favourite part of my role is that it gives me the chance to interact directly with you as potential card applicants and I really value the fact that the Fair4All Card Scheme is helping disabled people get the adjustments that they need and deserve.

Freya – Co-ordinator and Applications Manager

Hi, I’m Freya – I’m one of the Coordinators of the Fair4All Card Scheme. I set up the scheme, along with Cary. I have been volunteering with BuDS for 10 years.

My main role in the scheme is to run the applications process. This involves communicating with disabled people who are interested in the scheme, and helping them through the application process.
I am also in charge of producing all cards and posting them out to people, as well as sending resources out to our Partner stores around Bucks. My role sometimes extends to admin and website work as well.
I enjoy my work on the Fair4All Card Scheme because it is very rewarding to be able to help someone live a more independent and accessible life, and hearing stories of how the scheme has helped people makes it all worthwhile!

Andrew – Lead Trustee and Evidence Assessor

Hi, I’m Andrew – I’m one of the decision-makers on the Fair4All Card team.
I look at the evidence and see if the legal tests are met so that we can issue a Card.
I really enjoy the opportunity to help disabled people live independent lives through the Fair4All Card.

Janneke – Projects Manager

Hi, I’m Janneke – I’m the HR & Projects Manager at BuDS. I have been with BuDS for almost a year now working within various projects.
My main role in the Fair4All Card Scheme is overall Project Management, assisting the team of staff and volunteers towards our combined goals.
I enjoy my work on the Fair4All Card Scheme because it is a fantastic project that supports disabled people by removing barriers in their daily life.