Janneke’s Role

Janneke’s Role

My name is Janneke, I am the HR & Projects Manager here at BuDS, this is my first blog for the Fair4All Card scheme and I would like to take you through what I do on this project in particular.  

When I first started looking after this project as the manager I wasn’t sure of any of the processes, outreach, applications etc so it was a sharp learning curve for me to get to grips with the process that the team had put in place. Luckily for me, the project team had all their processes spot on and being able to follow what is happening is very easy! Which is fantastic for me, as I have a lot of other projects on the go, and to have this one running as smoothly as it does was great to see.  

At first I took it slow and was joining in on the weekly meetings and adding value where I could, small tasks were being completed such as helping rewrite the F4A Card Ambassador document, getting in touch with the Ambassadors and also going on photocalls to stores that had successfully signed up to the scheme.  

This has now stepped up rapidly, as we unfortunately lost a member of staff who was covering the Partner and the upcoming Partner + schemes. Luckily for us however, this lovely lady is still in touch with BuDS as a volunteer, and working within another project in joint conjunction with Bucks Business First.  

My weekly tasks now also include working through the outreach spreadsheet to contact organisations who have shown interest in the scheme, booking photocalls with the organisations who have completed training, training our new volunteers on the outreach process and setting tasks for these volunteers.  

The thing I love most about my role with BuDS and in most of the projects is that each week is different, we have our weekly team meetings to set tasks and so figure out what will be out main aim for the week ahead. So it does vary from week to week, which keeps me on my toes!  

To find out more about the Fair4All Card Scheme, how the applications work, or if you are interested in becoming a Card Partner please have a look at the rest of our website or get in touch using fair4allcard@buds.org.uk.