How do I apply for a Fair4All Card?

How do I apply for a Fair4All Card?

How do I apply for a Fair4All Card?

As promised last week, this week we have written a longer post about how to apply for the Fair4All Card.

Where are the application forms?

The application forms can be found on the Fair4All website. If you go to you can find the application form as well as more information about what evidence you might need.

How do I give evidence?

You need to email us your evidence at This email address is also on the website and application form. If you do forget to email us your evidence, please don’t worry as we will get in touch with you to remind you.

If you would prefer not to email us your evidence, you can also leave us a voicemail at 01494 211179 and we can organise a time to discuss your evidence on the phone instead.

What evidence should I give?

We need medical evidence that proves that you are legally entitled to having the adjustments that you requested. EHCPs, diagnosis letters, hospital records, medication reviews and consultant letters are all really helpful to us.

If you’ve applied for PIP, DLA or a Blue Badge, this is helpful for us to know, but we need to see the evidence that you used to get it as PIP, DLA and Blue Badges can be used for a wide variety of reasons.

Is my evidence safe?

Yes. BuDS is a registered data controller with The Information Commissioners Office and our data and IT systems are secure and fully compliant with the law. Only Fair4All Card staff and volunteers will see your information and, if you are personally known to a member of staff or volunteer, they will not be involved with your application.

If we do have to involve someone you know, we will make sure that you are aware of this, and this will only be done if there is no other option.

What reasonable adjustments are available?

We have a wide variety of reasonable adjustments and exemptions on offer. We have categorised them into a few groups to make it easier for us to process your application. This is not to say that adjustments within a category can’t apply to other people, or that all people who fit into a category will need any or all of these adjustments.

The categories we have at the moment are: Covid-19, mobility, health conditions, sensory loss, autism/learning disability/anxiety, and general reasonable adjustments.

We will be creating posts about each category over the next few weeks.