Feedback From Our Applicants

Feedback From Our Applicants

Over the last few months, we’ve had some lovely feedback from our applicants, and with their permission, we wanted to share some of it with you.

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Olivia* told us that she had used her Card at her child’s school, and in local hospitals! Olivia also said that she was very likely to recommend the Fair4All Card to someone else as it is “as useful as a blue badge”!

Olivia’s feedback helped us realise just how far reaching the Fair4All Card could be, and it has inspired us to expand the scheme even further, reaching out to even more locations, and coming up with more new ideas.

James’* mum, Penny*, told us that although they hadn’t had the chance to use James’ card yet due to Covid, they gave the scheme 4 stars as it gives them “reassurance and reduces anxiety before trips out”. They also said that the scheme was “easy to access” and there was “an efficient application process”.

We are very proud of this feedback – our applicants are so important to us, and we are so happy that the scheme is helping them!

Elliot* gave the scheme 5 stars, telling us that they have used their Card at their university to explain why they need people to keep socially distanced from them. They said “my Card reassures me that I can explain what I need, even when I’m finding it hard to speak”.

We love receiving feedback from our old applicants, so if you already have a card and want to let us know how you are getting on, you can let us know either here in the comments, or via our feedback form here

*The names of our applicants have been changed to protect their identity.