Easy-Read Guide

Easy-Read Guide

What is the Fair4All Card? 

A card the size of a credit card. 

It has a photo of the person who the card belongs to – this helps prove who’s card it is.

On the back, it has a list of ways the shop can help the card holder – for example, providing stair-free access, being accepting of behaviour such as meltdowns, or using sign language to communicate. We have a big range of statements on offer.

It has been created by Buckinghamshire Disability Service (BuDS). 

It will only be given to disabled people who have been approved by the application process. 

It can be used in shops and other important places like pharmacies and libraries. Disabled people can use their Fair4All Card anywhere.

We have official partners in Buckinghamshire who have had training – you can find out which shops are Partners by clicking on the button below:

BuDS volunteers with Card Partner staff.

Click here to see our current Fair4All Card Partners.

Don’t forget you can use your Fair4All Card anywhere.

Why has the Fair4All Card been made? 

BuDS knows that disabled people can face a lot of challenges – especially when shops don’t know how to help them. 

The Fair4All Card helps shops know how to help disabled people. 

How is it different to other schemes? 

The Fair4All Card has a secure application process that is carried out by disability experts from BuDS. 

You don’t need to have a DWP benefit to get a Fair4All Card. 

The Card has a photo of the card holder to make it clear who the card belongs to. 

BuDS offers training to shops to make sure they know how the Fair4All Card Scheme works. 

The Fair4All Card has a complaints program to help BuDS make sure the scheme is running properly – you can find the complaints page by clicking on the button below:

Click here to visit our complaints page.

Your feedback is really important to us and we want to hear from you if you have had difficulties.

Applying for a Fair4All Card 

BuDS needs proof that the card-holder’s conditions affect their daily life. 

This proof can be letters from your doctor, school, college or social worker. 

We will help you find the right proof. 

You can apply for the Card by clicking on the button below:

A woman holds a Fair4All Card in front of a green fence

Click here to apply for a Fair4All Card.

You can fill in the form yourself, or you can tell us that you want help.

This video is a quick introduction to the Fair4All Card made by one of our volunteers.