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Co-operative staff and BuDS volunteers hold the Partner banner

Co-operative stores join the Fair4All Card Scheme

More Co-operative stores around Aylesbury Vale join the Fair4All Card scheme to make shopping easier for disabled people   Gavin Pledge, Co-op Stores Regional Manager and staff from Co-op stores in Mandeville Road & Orwell Drive, Aylesbury, Fairford Leys and Stone joined BuDS staff and volunteers (Andrew Clark, Janneke Elford, Freya Clark & Chris Rowan) to mark the occasion.  

Adjustments for Learning Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health Conditions

Having received feedback from some of our cardholders, we’ve updated the adjustments we have on offer to people who have a learning disability, mental health condition or autism. Although these are the ones we’ve thought of, if you need something else, you can always add your own suggestions to your application form at We […]

Community Voices Videos

In a new series of videos, we are talking to people who are eligible for the Fair4All Card about how it will help them. In the first videos, we talked to Ollie and Louise about how the Fair4All Card could help them during Covid as an autistic person and as a carer. Covering topics like […]