August 2021 Update

August 2021. Photos of a sample Fair4All Card, cartoons of shops and training.

August 2021 Update

See the progress we have made this month in today’s post!

Text in a yellow bubble reads "We posted 11 Fair4All Cards this month"
A photo of a sample Fair4All Card has an arrow pointing to a letter box. The letter box has an arrow pointing to a house.

This August we started getting lots more applications coming in, and we were able to send out 11 Fair4All Cards!

Text in a yellow bubble reads "4 Fair4All Card Partners started training this month"
A picture of a person presenting is surrounded by two arrows each pointing at shops.

4 more Fair4All Card Partners began their training…

Text in a yellow bubble reads "We started outreach to lots more locations across the county"
A picture of a black woman at a computer is surrounded by three arrows that point at shops.

And we’ve also started to make good progress on reaching out to even more new Fair4All Card Partners!

For a full list of all of our Fair4All Card Partners, you can go to